Create or Import Test Cases

Two simple methods for test case creation are provided. Cases can be imported from a spreadsheet or created in the browser.

Easy Test Case and Plan Management

Use forms, import, and drag and drop methods to manage the creation and order of your test cases and plans.

Reporting and Tracking

Track team progress and easily view issues with releases.

Task Management

Each user can see their current assigned tasks when they log in.

Powerful Automation

Integrate existing tests with our API or use our scheduler to manage your entire automation process.


Integrates with third party ticketing systems to improve reporting and accuracy.

Supported Systems:
  • Bugzilla
  • Jira
  • Mantis Bug Tracker
  • Redmine

Testlink Import

Import your existing Testlink data. Contact sales for more details and if you want to try and upload your data to a demo instance.

What is imported:
  • Projects
  • Test Cases
  • Test plans
  • Builds
  • Results

Custom Fields

Easily create custom fields for test cases and test plans with our intuitive GUI.

Multiple field types make it easy to customize the content. Available field types are string, number, drop down, check box and radio button.

Straight Forward User Management

User management is straight forward with clearly defined user roles and settings.

Export your data

Multiple options for exporting your data.

Export test plans as PDFs or rich text files for easy editing in your word processor. Export test cases to CSV for quick feedback and an editable format.


To get started, download your free copy of TestCaseDB today.