With modern software development, the release cycle is shorter, the greater number of changes are made in each release and it is difficult for QA teams to test at the rate of change. This results in more issues being passed onto the consumer leading to greater support costs.

The solution should be simple, run complete regression tests on every release. The problem is that this requires man power and resources that simply are not available.

The real solution is automation. Automation allows complex tests to run continuously. This lets testers focus on new features and isolating errors. With TestCaseDB, automation is not only the real solution, but it is the simple solution.

There are two ways to automate with TestCaseDB, utilizing the API or the built in scheduler. As always, since everything is included with TestCaseDB you can use both.


If you have an existing automation framework or collection of scripts, the API is the perfect to centralize your data. Add your test to TestCaseDB and with one command in each of your existing test cases you can record and then analyze your results with the TestCaseDB analysis tools.


The scheduler is the easiest way to start automating your testing. Testers build a set of test cases, organize them into a test plan and then schedule that test plan to run.

Test cases are designed to use industry standards. Each test case runs a script that you upload. The script can be a Selenium test case, a custom script utilizing your preferred scripting language or a custom executable. The output is captured in the results and the test case is marked as pass or fail based on the script's exit code.

Results are emailed to the configured recipients at the end of each test run.

Apache jMeter

Apache jMeter is a popular open source performance testing application provided by The Apache Software Foundation.

TestCaseDB is able to schedule, run and analyze Apache jMeter tests. The results are stored in TestCaseDB for easy analysis and can be displayed for one run or compared against previous runs.


Sikuli is an open source visual automation tool that is managed by Sikuli automates visual tasks using screenshots which makes it a powerful tool for QA groups.

TestCaseDB is able to schedule, run and store Sikuli tests.


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